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Tuning Software On Demand

Car Service Hong-Paul is a specialist in the field of Turbo, Hybrid, DSG, AT etc. Because of our specialized work, we also have software tuning in our program.
There are 3 types of tuning: Software, Powerbox and Chiptuning. Since there is just
one real professional way of tuning, Car Service Hong-Paul is offering customized Software Tuning. Software tuning is safe, efficient and accurate. Car Service Hong-Paul works via a completely new platform, unlike other tuning companies in the Netherlands. Customized Software tuning  works with the Pass Thru technology. We first check at the manufacturer for the latest software version of your ECU then we make the Software customized for you.

The service of Car Service Hong-Paul consists of:
  • 2 year engine warranty for 2 years old cars and 100.000 km (62.000 miles)
  • 5 year warranty on software
  • Bespoke software tuning
  • TÜV Certification
  • All our products meet the ECE-cycle emission standards.
  • Software update
  • Software cloning
  • Software specialist / doctor

The benefits of customized software tuning:
  • Fuel savings (software tuning earns itself back)
  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Accurate
  • Catalyst less congested
  • More power and torque
  • CO2 emissions remains the same
  • Better engine protection
  • Particulate filter lasts longer
  • Positive influence on driving behavior

Basics of Tuning
The engine management system of a car regulates the injection, camshaft position, ignition timing, air pressure and injection pressure of the engine. This is done on basis of engine RPM and the engine load. These instructions are stored in the ‘mapping’ of the ECU. In order to adapt the instructions for the engine we need to modify the content of the mapping. Also known as remapping, or chip tuning.
The ECU can be read and rewritten by making use of the OBD port. If that is protected by the manufacturer, it is common to establish a direct connection to the ECU or by replacing the chip. Hence the name ‘chip tuning’. All of these methods ultimately lead to the same end result.
OBD tuning:
Here we use the parameters in the software of the computers. These are read in a professional manner, adapted and restored. This gives far out the best result with of the course of the torque and power curve.
Is a way of tuning that can only be used in common rail engines. This box is placed between the rail pressure sensor and the computer in order to influence the parameters. This is not only a very fast way of tuning but the result is amazing, at a very affordable price.
Chip tuning:

Is applied in case of a non-common rail engine and the software is not easy to modify, simply because there is no available data. The computer will be dismantled and re-assembled after adjusting of the eeprom.
The latest developments in the field of tuning has resulted in an expansion of services. Not only passenger are cars provided with more power, but it is also possible to use this knowledge in other sectors. Given that tuning is fuel efficient you can imagine that the transportation industry and the agricultural mechanization are very interested in this technology. Due to the current fuel prices, savings of 2 to 3 percent are reason to look deeper into this.

Bespoke software tuning
What is chip tuning?
Chip tuning is adjusting an engine for improved performance. Every car nowadays has a computer. This computer controls the engine and is called the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). This engine management system is the brain of the engine and controls the engine using various values, including turbo pressure, accelerator pedal position and injection quantity. By adjusting the software, we adjust the motor differently. If possible, we remove the standard speed limiter of the car.

If your car arrives at our workshop we go through a number of steps to be able to tune your car. First we check for the latest manufacturers software version of your car. Once that is done we have to get the software from the ECU. This can happen in several ways:
1. We download the software via the diagnostic connector (OBD) systems of the car.
2. We remove the ECU in order to open it and read directly from the ECU.
3. We remove the ECU in order to open it and de-solder the chip where all information is stored into and be able to read it directly in this way (mostly in older cars before 2000).
If we have downloaded the software by one of the three methods here above we store it in our database. Then the programmer goes at work and makes the adjustments in the software according to your wishes. In order to get the extra power or fuel savings, the values in the software must be changed. If all adjustments are completed the programmer saves this customized software as tuned version and we can upload it into the ECU. The same connections are used that we needed to download the software.
Re-adjustment of the engine
The car manufacturer adjusts engines at a standard value. On basis of technical data of the engine (turbo, fuel pump and power train) we define new settings. We want to get out safely what's inside. Improved driving experience is as important to us as the increase of power and torque.
Why manufacturers don’t tune?
Manufacturers supply engines in various models. The engines are developed in such a way that they fit in the product range. From a cost perspective, one type of engine is available in various power outputs. This results in the margins that we use.

Tuning is a profession
These days all engines are equipped with advanced injection technology. The last few years are diesel engines with common rail technology, piezo injectors and direct injection more in use and with petrol engines we see upcoming use of direct injection of fuel.

An optimal ratio of the air / fuel mixture

When Remapping we adjust several
parameters in the engine management
system. By applying a little more air
and inject more fuel in your engine it
produces more power. It is however
important that the air / fuel mixture
remains in an optimal ratio.
We pay considerable attention to this.
An optimal fuel mixture extends the lifetime and creates less pollution. A too rich mixture gives a higher fuel consumption and more pollution. A lean mixture results in a higher engine temperature and with less response as a result.
Feature of our chip tuning is that you're driving more fuel efficient because the engine needs to make fewer RPM’s and no fuel is spoiled. Also you have more torque available so you are able to drive earlier in a higher gear.

Tuning according to the highest TÜV requirements
Our company tunes with TÜV certified software. With us, in an ECE cycle, the measured CO2 and fuel consumption remains at least equal.
Chip tuning development performed by us keeps emissions under control. We adjust the engine in a way that the CO2 emission and fuel consumption remains at least the same. In addition, we simulate an ECE cycle on our test bench with an exhaust gas analysis. For cars in an advantageous tax rate an exhaust gas analysis is important to stay within the standards of the government. Tuning by Car Service Hong Paul assure you of even more driving pleasure!
Eco Tuning
For each turbo-diesel engine Ecotuning (Eco Optimization) is available. The name makes it clear, with Eco tuning your car will be completely adjusted to fuel savings. With Ecotuning the fuel injection is completely optimized. The air fuel ratio is so tuned that saving is possible. You will notice that the car runs better, smoother, quieter and not to mention, more economical! Fuel savings up to 25% is achievable! And last but not least: By optimizing your car in some cases you even will get a bit extra horsepower!
Normal Chip tuning
This is the 'standard' chip tuning as is also offered by car dealers. Obviously chip tuning is never standard. Chip tuning is always tailor made. The software is written specifically for your car. No car is the same! Remaining the same driving style will result in less fuel consumption! Remapping is extremely suitable for cars who have to pull caravans. After chip tuning the car has more torque (pulling power) for example in mountains you don’t have to use the full engine power. This in turn is beneficial for the engine, driving comfort and fuel consumption!
Maximum Tuning
With normal chip tuning the maximum limit is never searched for. Cars are mass produced and delivered from factory with a hefty margin. This is partly because a mass product must be able to perform around the world, including the dusty hot deserts of Dubai but also in the extreme cold of the Arctic. In Europe these conditions are all much better and with chip tuning a piece of this margin is removed. With Maximum tuning, we go a step further. The car will be optimized even more and the upper limit will be looked for. Especially the injection and turbo pressure will be increased. The disadvantage is that consumption often becomes higher than ex-factory. The advantage: A lót more power! The price of maximum tuning is higher than the regular tuning. This is partly because the software modification requires more time.