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GTE-E-Tron Mechatronic Revision 0DD Wet Clutch

New and Unique At Autobedrijf Hong-Paul

Car Service Hong-Paul is the only specialist in the Netherlands that is able to overhaul all GTE and E-Tron DQ400 HybridDSG/S-tronic mechatronic clutches. We are the only company that makes parts ourselves with our brand new CNC machine, including for the GTE and E-Tron DQ400 Hybrid DSG/S-tronic-6 0DD Mechatronic.

Give your 0DD Hybrid GTE and E-Tron DQ400e/DQ4000DD DSG/S-tronic-6 wet clutch and mechatronic a second life and have it overhauled by us. What makes this GTE and E-Tron DQ400e DSG so unique is that it uses three clutches. This third coupling connects the electric motor with the combustion engine. This automatic transmission is used, for example, in the Škoda Superb Mk4, Volkswagen Golf GTE and Audi E-tron.

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Common malfunction of the Mechatronic:
  • no drive
  • Car in emergency (limp) mode
  • Shock when switching on the combustion engine
  • 30097 – Transmission Fluid Pressure
  • P0867 – Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor
  • K0 clutch failure
  • Leakage

The service of Autobedrijf Hong-Paul consists of:
  • Overhaul/rebuild DSG and/or S-tronic mechatronic DQ200
  • Overhaul/rebuild DSG and/or S-tronic mechatronic DQ400 Hybride GTE- E-tron
  • Overhaul/rebuild DSG and/or S-tronic doctor mechatronic MQB DQ200,DQ250-6A,DQ250-6F,DQ250-6V
  • Remaining DSG and/or S-tronic mechatronic overhaul/rebuild DQ250,DQ500,DL501
  • Overhaul DQ250 6 speed wet clutch
  • Overhaul DL501 7 speed wet clutch
  • DSG and/or S-tronic doctor mechatronic repair
  • DSG and/or S-tronic mechatronic replacement
  • DSG and/or S-tronic mechatronic maintenance
  • DSG and/or S-tronic mechatronic diagnosis
  • DSG and/or S-tronic maintenance
  • DSG and/or S-tronic reparair
  • DSG and/or S-tronic overhaul
  • DSG and/or S-tronic replacement
  • DSG and/or S-tronic software flash
  • DSG and/or S-tronic software transfer
  • New DSG and/or S-tronic mechatronic
  • Used DSG and/or S-tronic mechatronic
  • DSG and/or S-tronic mechatronic specialist
  • DSG and/or S-tronic tuning specialist
  • DSG and/or S-tronic software tuning
  • DSG and/or S-tronic software update
  • Mechatronic specialist/doctor
  • DSG specialist/doctor DSG
  • S-tronic doctor
  • Doctor S-tronic
  • S-tronic Specialist/doctor
  • S-tronic Specialist



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0DD 300 040 A
0DD 300 040 XC
0DD 300 040 C
0DD 300 040 X
0DD 300 040 D
0DD 300 045 F
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0DD 300 045 L
0DD 300 045 M
0DD 300 045 E
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